Saturday, May 30, 2009

in hip hop mood

when some one think about his life. what is the first thinking comes in your mind. That is real character of your. Most of the time you think like on those related matters. If some one asks you to tell about a an example see the below picture.

if i ask to tell me a story about this picture. then there can be lot of story.
one thing that one can say that the guy is kissing the puppy and has no relation with girl.
other one can say that the guy is checking the puppy whether he has some disease or not. and the girl standing next to him is his colleague.
so, there can be a lot of stories.
The question is not that how many stories do come in your mind?
But the question is that what is the question that has come in your mind set. And i can exactly tell you that what kind of thinking you do have.
When i had gone for NDA interview i was given such a difficult picture and was asked to explain the picture scenario. That picture was so difficult that even will stuck at at lot of points.

what does NDA want is people who can have great thinking ability and good moral values. I had explained in such a bad manner that i could not get selected there. i could learn from there that what ever the scenario is try to explain the scene which is related to the job interview or something like that.
What i was expected from the inter viewer was that i should have some plan in that picture and complete it within time.
Though i couldn't get selected in that interview but i would like to tell you not to do such a mistake in your life when you are explaining some picture

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