Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Archos 605 WiFi (30GB)

The good thing in this Archos 605 WiFi (30GB)
It has top-notch video resolution as well as incredible viewing angles, and integrated support for wireless movie downloads, the Archos 605 WiFi is the best of its breed.
The bad thing in this Archos 605 WiFi (30GB)
Battery life is only average. Many users will need to shell out extra for software and hardware accessories they'll wish were included.
The bottom line of the
The Archos 605 WiFi portable video player is one of the best mobile distractions money can buy.
Specifications of the Archos 605 WiFi (30GB)
Device type: Digital AV player ; Dimensions (WxDxH): 4.8 in x 0.6 in x 3.2 in ; Display type: TFT 4.3 in - Color
The good thing in this mp3 player--
It has top-notch video resolution as well as incredible viewing angles, and integrated support for wireless movie downloads, the Archos 605 WiFi is the best of its breed.
The bad thing in this mp3 player--
Battery life is only average. Many users will need to shell out extra for software and hardware accessories they'll wish were included.
The bottom line of the
The Archos 605 WiFi portable video player is one of the best mobile distractions money can buy.
Specifications of the player--
Device type: Digital AV player ; Dimensions (WxDxH): 4.8 in x 0.6 in x 3.2 in ; Display type: TFT 4.3 in - Color

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

turn on street light by dialing mobile

Imagine being able to control street lights with your mobile phone. This isn't a prank, but an eco-friendly solution now in place in parts of Germany.
The (I must add) responsible denizens there have put in place a system called Dial4Light that lets cell phone users turn on the street lamps only when someone actually needs illumination. We won't suggest this for streets like Harlem or the dodgier parts of Asia since it's so easily subject to abuse.

Much like your very own on/off switch at home, this one requires you to dial up the lights, with a 15-minute grace period before it gets pitch black again. And the best bit, a reported cost savings of 25 percent in power bills for the the towns, not to mention everyone doing their bit to reduce their carbon footprint. Just don't leave home without your phone.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

review of HTC touch diamond

The good:
The HTC Touch Diamond for Sprint offers better performance and supports Sprint's EV-DO Rev. A network and multimedia services. The Windows Mobile 6.1 smartphone also features the cool TouchFlo interface and has integrated Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and GPS.
The bad:
While performance is greatly improved over the unlocked Touch Diamond, there's still some sluggishness. The virtual keyboard is cramped and may give some users problems. The Touch Diamond also doesn't offer an expansion slot.
The bottom line:
The HTC Touch Diamond for Sprint brings some nice additions and improvements over the unlocked GSM version--most notably to performance. It's best suited for first-time smartphone buyers or light users, while business customers should wait for the Touch Pro.
OS provided: Microsoft Windows Mobile 6.1 ;
Band / mode: GSM 900/1800/1900 ;
Wireless connectivity: Bluetooth

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

review of HP Pavilion3510nr

The HP Pavilion dv3510nr is one of the first two Best Buy Blue Label laptops. Blue Label is a new program where Best Buy takes input from its customers and then works with its vendors--in this case, HP--to create a laptop that serves up the features its customers want most. I always wanted longer battery life, a thin and lightweight design, but with a roomy screen, and a backlit keyboard--all backed with "superior" support. The HP Pavilion dv3510nr hits on all of these points, and it looks good doing it. Pavilion dv3510nr has listen not only mine but for all the customers. This $1,099 laptop is packed with bells and whistles but remains highly portable with its sub-five-pound weight and 13.3-inch display.

This outstanding feature set includes Centrino 2 platform, backlit keyboard and media control keys, fingerprint reader. The remote control of the laptop is very effective, and HDMI and eSATA ports are really great; great application performance and fair 3D performance.

This laptop is highly portable but still makes room for full-size keyboard; great battery life without needed bulky, extended-cell unit; LED-backlit display is crisp and bright and incredibly thin. Apart from that it has two-year warranty. But till now I didn’t face any sort of problem with this laptop.
The bad thing that I could notice in this laptop is that there is mo FireWire and it has glossy touchpad which is not providing best feel.I have reviewed my laptop.
Over all I liked this laptop too much and will highly recommend it for you

Saturday, February 7, 2009

review BlackBerry Bold 9000

When I first got the chance to see the mobile i couldn't say that it shall be suitable for my pocket. Really the mobile is too much bulky so when i could take it in my pocket felt uneasy. Its half-VGA display is one of the sharpest screens i could see on a smart phone. The stereo speakers, really boosts the multimedia experience. All the good and bad features that i would like to say are--
the good things in the mobile--
The RIM BlackBerry Bold boasts one of the sharpest displays i've seen on a smart phone. It also offers great multimedia performance. This phone also brings HSDPA support this support is really very smart and good. More productivity tools, and an updated OS makes this blackberry more recent. Other features of the mobile that include Wi-Fi; GPS; Bluetooth; and strong e-mail support with full QWERTY keyboard. All these features attract people from a wide range.

The bad features of the mobile-- The Bold is a bit bulky and expensive. The web browser of the mobile isn't working properly and it is difficult to navigate. the dimension of the mobile is 4.5 inches high by 2.6 inches wide by 0.6 inch deep and 4.8 ounces, which we can say that is bulky and makes tight fit in the pant. It is not like iPhone 3G which is slim. The black chassis and silver trim are attractive enough and the rounded edges give the handset a streamlined design.
The fact of the mobile--
For those who waited, the RIM BlackBerry Bold won't disappoint. The Bold impresses with its brilliant display, enhanced productivity tools, and excellent multimedia performance to deliver a more powerful and well-rounded smartphone to mobile professionals.
Specifications of the mobile-- OS provided: BlackBerry Handheld Software ;
Processor: 624 MHz ;
Band / mode: GSM 850/900/1800/1900 (Quadband) / UMTS 850/900/1900/21000

Friday, February 6, 2009

Toshiba Qosmio X305-Q706

There's no doubt about it: the Toshiba Qosmio X305-Q706 is not your average desktop replacement/mobile gaming system. Bedecked in flames and shiny bits and glowing with red lights (what the company calls its "Fusion Finish with Rogue pattern"), the design is no doubt an attempt to express the power that potentially lies within. Also, the behemoth laptop contains some top-notch components, including dual 512MB Nvidia GeForce 9800M GTS graphics adapters and 4GB of RAM
The good:
Nvidia SLI graphics; great speakers; touch-sensitive media controls; HDMI and eSATA ports; charges USB devices, even when off.

The bad:
Gigantic; love-it-or-hate-it design; not configurable; low-resolution display for a 17-inch gaming rig.

The bottom line:
The Toshiba Qosmio X305-Q706 offers some of the latest high-end components in an enormous, flashy package, but its performance doesn't outshine the competition.

Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo (2.26 GHz) ;
RAM installed: 4 GB DDR3 SDRAM ;
Weight: 9 lbs
The Qosmio X305-Q706 comes in a single, fixed configuration sold only in retail outlets. Its $1,999 price buys you a fairly powerful mobile processor--the 2.26GHz Intel Core 2 Duo P8400--backed by a generous 4GB of fast 1,066MHz DDR3 RAM (with 64-bit Windows Vista to take advantage of it) and a 7,200rpm, 320GB hard drive.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

review of Garmin zumo 550

Really very nice product with a sleek design, a boatload of features, and solid performance, the Garmin Zumo 550 is a top-notch navigation system for motorcyclists (and cars for that matter).
It garmin zumo has a silver shell with two removable caps on top and bottom of the unit that you can exchange (ahem, I mean purchase) for the unit with a plethora of designs including racing stripes and flames.It really looks sexy.
The good:--
The Garmin Zumo 550 provides text- and voice-guided directions to motorcyclists and comes with an easy-to-install mounting kit for a motorcycle or a car. All maps are preloaded on the device, and the unit has a built-in MP3 player and integrated Bluetooth for hands-free calling.
The bad:The worst thing is that it sometimes shows wrong direction.its database it outdated so sometimes it shows wrong direction or no street name.
Also, automatic route recalculation is a bit on the slow side. i could see that the compass only works in off-road mode, when we are in on road mode then compass was not working properly,and there's no Mac support yet for Garmin's MapSource software.that is the problem you may face with it.
The bottom line:As there are lot of GPS system available in the market so you can try any other as has very good bluetooth integration. you can try it as well.This review of garmin is from net.

Destination: Motorcycle ; Weight: 10.6 oz ;
Audible assistance: Street name announcement ,
Navigation instructions , Warnings .

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Sony Walkman NWZ-S716FRNC 4 GB

This walkman of sony ericsson is really excellent,its MP3 player and active noise-canceling earphones in an customer attracting activity.This company is knowing the customers' need. this series of sony ericsson has changed the listening experience.
Design of the walkman is attractive.
it is lightweighted all-plastic body with a rounded feel that's comfortable in the hand and pocket.
The good in this walkman is unassuming series of MP3 player which delivers a perfect storm of on-the-go features.It also includes music, photo, and video playback; FM radio.its subscription music support and remarkable battery life is has heavenly sound quality; and a feat only Sony could pull off: active noise-canceling in-ear headphones.

The bad of this walkman is it lacks memory expansion, voice recording, or integrated podcast management, and if you lose the bundled headphones, you'll lose the Walkman's noise-cancellation capability as well. Sony's proprietary USB cable can be a headache to replace if lost.

The bottom line of the walkman--
The sum of the NWZ-S710F's audio enhancement and noise-canceling features adds up to one of the most pleasant and private music experiences you can have for less than $200.But without earphone it is of no use.
Specifications of the walkman--
Device type: Digital player / radio ; Flash memory installed: 4 GB ; Digital player supported digital audio standards: WMA , Protected WMA (DRM) , PCM , MP3 , AAC

Sunday, February 1, 2009

HP PhotoSmart A444 Digital Camera And Printer Dock

Description of this product--
This HP PhotoSmart A444 is a 5-megapixel, point-and-shoot camera.Compared to other point-and-shoot digital cameras on the market, it is very inexpensive at around $175.

The good features in the camera--
it is Weighing only 6.8 ounces without battery and media, this digital camera is rather light relative to its it is easy to carry.

the bad features in the camera-
it has only 5-megapixel resolution, we can get more resolution camera at the same price in the market.

Suitability of the camera--
Suited for the average, casual picture-taker.A recommended use, based on key features, is framed photos for the home.The largest recommended print size, estimated from the camera's resolution, is 10x14.

Value of the money--

In general, this digital camera's features are as expected for this price.

Suggestions: For more help in deciding if this is the best digital camera for you, visit the buying guide for digital cameras at CNET Reviews.
Image Storage Fine JPEG 2576 x 1920 : 4 - With 16MB built-in memory ,
Normal JPEG 2576 x 1920 : 10 - With 16MB built-in memory ,
JPEG 2080 x 1552 : 16 - With 16MB built-in memory
Supported Flash MemoryMultiMediaCard, SD Memory Card
Type Zoom lens - 5.9 mm - 17.7 mm - F/2.7-4.8
Focal Length 5.9 mm - 17.7 mm
Additional Features DPOF support , Direct print , Audio recording , Date/time stamp , PictBridge support , USB 2.0 compatibility , In-camera red-eye removal.Operating system MS Windows Vista , Apple Mac OS X 10.3.9 , MS Windows XP Home Edition , MS Windows XP Professional , Apple Mac OS X 10.4 or later , MS Windows XP Professional x64 Edition
Peripherals USB port , CD-ROM drive , SVGA monitor.