Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Sony Walkman NWZ-S716FRNC 4 GB

This walkman of sony ericsson is really excellent,its MP3 player and active noise-canceling earphones in an customer attracting activity.This company is knowing the customers' need. this series of sony ericsson has changed the listening experience.
Design of the walkman is attractive.
it is lightweighted all-plastic body with a rounded feel that's comfortable in the hand and pocket.
The good in this walkman is unassuming series of MP3 player which delivers a perfect storm of on-the-go features.It also includes music, photo, and video playback; FM radio.its subscription music support and remarkable battery life is excellent.it has heavenly sound quality; and a feat only Sony could pull off: active noise-canceling in-ear headphones.

The bad of this walkman is it lacks memory expansion, voice recording, or integrated podcast management, and if you lose the bundled headphones, you'll lose the Walkman's noise-cancellation capability as well. Sony's proprietary USB cable can be a headache to replace if lost.

The bottom line of the walkman--
The sum of the NWZ-S710F's audio enhancement and noise-canceling features adds up to one of the most pleasant and private music experiences you can have for less than $200.But without earphone it is of no use.
Specifications of the walkman--
Device type: Digital player / radio ; Flash memory installed: 4 GB ; Digital player supported digital audio standards: WMA , Protected WMA (DRM) , PCM , MP3 , AAC

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