Saturday, April 11, 2009

shoe not for foot but also for angry mood

you all know what has happened recently a journalist of punjab Jarnail singh trough a shoe on P. chidram . Whole leaders are in shock that people May through shoe on them as well. This tradition was before among common people but now it has gone to high level. Now Shoe is no more for foot but also to show your anger. if you have anger on any one then throw your shoe on that leader. You will be famous apart from that shoe will also become happy as he will get chance to hit a big personality. Jagdish Tytler was the cause for which P chidambram got shoe. i tried to ask these questions not to Jarnail singh but to the shoe about its feeling. I got some answers I would like to tell you.
Question-Hello shoe when had you started this job?
Answer-At a meeting of the United Nations general assembly in New York on October 12, 1960, the soviet premier, known for his brash and aggressive demeanor as much for his efforts at de-stalinisation, pounded his shoe during a debate over a Russian resolution decrying colonialism. Khrushchev, then only 66, had visited the UN for three weeks in October 1960 to vent this anger over several issues, chiefly the American U-2 spy plane shot down over Russia a few months earlier. It was then that the soviet leader picked up his shoe- he was a wearing a brand new pair of tan loafers- and after standing up and waving it vigorously, he sat down and started banging his desk with it.
Question- do you feel pride?
Answer- yes! Why not? I am too much happy with this. I could become the voice of common people. I could become hero now and as well celebrity.
Question- what is your category?
Answer- I have no color and I don’t belong to any category. I am totally black and all shoes are same. I would like to be thrown next time where ever you fell it is right.
Question- Can you please tell me some personalities whom you would like to hit?
Answer- I am in your foot and where ever you would like to throw me you can do it. I can’t tell you personal name otherwise they will move bare foot. Then I shall be his enemy. So, please keep it secret.