Monday, December 29, 2008

review of mitsubishi wonder car

The first proper-performance, four-seated electric car from a major manufacturer is about to be launched on the UK market.
The i-MiEV from Mitsubishi is a saloon car that will carry four adults. Before this launch of the electric car Indo-US manufacturer G-Wiz and the French-made Mega City are two-seated strictly limited in specification and performance. Both had some limitation G-Wiz with a top speed of 50mph and a range on a full battery charge of 48 miles, and mega city even more restricted, with a top speed of 40mph and a range of 40 miles only. There has been market for them because they are environmentally friendly, with no emissions. Though they were environment friendly but market turned against them. A website specializing in environmentally friendly cars,, published that sales of these cars had decreased to more than half in 2008-156 electric cars were sold from January to October, compared to 374 for this period in 2007. It was an unexpected trend in a sector that is supposed to be growing. This whole market is looking for a car that can be suitable for them the environment comes second for them. Now this i-MiEV may give a boost to the market for its sell. As it is as per consumers requirement s it can reach the top speed of 87 mph, it will be available in the UK, initially for leasing, from mid-2009 and can travel up to 100 miles without charging. This is almost double the speed of its predecessors. So enjoy new Mitsubishi wonder car in New Year but only for UK people.

Sunday, December 28, 2008

reviews of 2008 products

i would like to tell you at the end of this year what the companies have done in different area.
Almost every manufacturer has released a notebook this year--they are easy to carry,capable enough for everyday tasks and don't burn a hole in your wallet in these already troubled times. now that the size and functionality equation is all sorted out,expect design and reduced prices to gain prominence next year.
now every one is looking for notebooks with LED back lighting technology-as
they are thinner and lighter than traditional screens, requires less energy, do not use mercury and save almost 10% energy.Expect to see the combination of good graphics cards and on-board graphics in laptops to become commonplace giving you the option to switch between graphics power and battery stamina depending on the need. some of the note books that didn't work properly was Acer Travelmate had the bad performance over all.Compaq had also give the bad performance but see the LED technology what it can give us in the new year.
Cell phones—
There are lot of models which has been launched in this year. Among those the Xperia, samsung’s Omnia Innov8 and iPhone 3G. all these are fully capable of doing all the things in 2008. But what would be next improvement in the mobile world. The entire try are going to improve the resolution of the display to reach up to 640*480 display should be seen in most smart phones next year. GPS system can be the next step in the mobile. So every company would try to give GPS and location based service as well through mobile. We will actually start using them, preferring them to standalone GPS devices. Graphics improvement is also seen as next step that mobile company will do. In 2009 we will be able to see Google’s smart phone operating system hit the main stream with several releases planned for the first few months of the year. Apple’s got an ace up their sleeve as well-an iphone nano maybe? So , there shall be a lot of improvement in mobile world let’s wait I will tell you whole things next time.

Home entertainment—
Full high definition is going to be big in 2009 with full HD TVs and projectors, all shall be displaying 1920*1080(1080p) pixels of movie or gaming goodness. LCD was rocking in 2008 an now the term of full HD. Apart from that Ultra-thin LCD TVs and TVs with energy saving LED technology should be seen in gar greater numbers. Blu-ray disc player and blu-ray home theatre will have to reduce the flab of production and marketing costs to aggressively cut prices. It is the only thing that will simulate some demand and prevent extinction in the wake of digital media downloads. In the game world India is going to launch of the nintendeo will in late 2009. In the new world we are going to have better games with better graphics that fully utilize the capabilities of the PS3 and Xbox 360 are on the cards as well.
Green tech hits the mainstream—
There are tons of products in the market which is green i.e. environment friendly—from bamboo hard drives to solar gadget chargers. We can see sony playstation which is portable and Asus U6 Bamboo. These are going to improve our environment. Apple’s recent notebook and iPod launches stressed their environmental consciousness, and one would expect other manufacturers to follow. Of course, environment should be primary consciousness of all the industry.
R.I.P. windows vista with windows 7 is going to be released up to last of 2009. Microsoft promises advances in many things like touch, speech, and handwriting recognition, improved performance on multi-core processors and improved boot performance, plus fixes to most of Vista’s bugbears.
Portable media—
Cell phones are killing personal media player as all the facilities are available in mobile so no one is going to ask for media player. We can see that there might be death of iPod in 2009. Next year, OLED(organic LED) should replace the current crop of LCD screens on most players. There shall be high resolution and better visibility from angles. Bluetooth and Wi-Fi are getting to be a given in this segment, so innovation such that extend the capability the capability of the device will be the need of the hour.

Friday, December 26, 2008

review of Sony Ericsson C902 Cyber-shot

i have used a lot of mobile and now i was searching for one that could give me my dream of video talking as i used to see in movie. i had told to my father when we were watching a film in which video talking was used that i will also use that mobile. my father bought one such mobile from sony ercisson and gifted me.on that day i could realise how much my father do care for me.
my excitement
it was really amazed in using that mobile when i talked to my father on video call from my family was also quality was quite good and voices were clear. video stabiliser in the mobile was nice. now i can send my desired picture from my 5mega-pixel camera to my blog directly.except from calling to all my relatives i use my mobile for web browsing,web browsing in this mobile was really fast and more reliable. i do my internet using my laptop connecting mobile via bluetooth.this mobile has 160 MB internal memory and card slot.
my mobile phone has dimensions of 10.5 mm with a thickness and weight about 107.which i think is quite good i goes to my pocked of the best thing is i can listen my favourite FM program on my mobile by just connecting my earphone to it.i like black colour and i found my set black.its 5 mega-pixel camera is more efficient than the older set of 3.5 mega-pixel.
things i don't like
the worst thing that i don't like is keypad of the is not so soft. though short cut keys are very good i can go to many features by just clicking one key. so i can recommend you to buy this mobile it is going to ad a new technology.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

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Sunday, December 21, 2008

Review of Audi R8

Look at the R8 from any angle, and it's easy to see why Audi took so long to bring it to production.There isn't a single line that seems out of place.The front looks especially menacing with the LED lights that run below the headlamps. There is a rear spoiler as well, which pops out only when the car hits 100kph,which in this case is often.
The R8 is based on the Lamborghini Gallardo supercar and gets its V8 engine from the Audi RS4 saloon. The R8 is primarily built from aluminium. so combine all that power with a lightweight construction and you can manage 0-100kph before you can count till five.
The steering impresses with its brilliant poise and precision. The Pirelli P ceroes provide leech-like grip and there is very little that can ruffle the R8's can chuck it in to corners and have fun doing so. The power bias to the rear wheels means that there is a hint of over steer and it is easy for the rear to step out and give a dose of sideways action.
The R8 comes with either a manual six-speed gearbox or optional the Audi R-Tronic sequential shift gearbox. The R-Tronic uses a joystick gearshift in the centre console, and paddle-shifts mounted on the steering wheel,similar to those used in racing car.
There are a lot of bits borrowed from Audi saloons but the attention to detail is phenomenal.The red-lit gauges deserve special mention. They look uber-cool at night.Carbon fibre door handles, supportive sports seats, aluminium detailing and a flat-bottom steering wheel emphasis the sporty theme.No one buys a supercar for its practicality, but the R8 is better than most.
Four airbags and every conceivable electronic driver aidcome as standard kit, but the best safety devices are the huge levels of grip and massive braking power built into every R8. Security is every bit as good as any top-of-the -range Audi.that said, you will have to rob a bank to buy one and another one to runit.But it is absolutely brilliant in more ways than one.

price: Rs 1.17 crore
Enigine size: 4.2 litre
Power: 420bhp
0-100kph: 4.6 sec
Drive: all wheel drive
Gearbox: Six-speed manual/R-Tronic sequential shift

Reviews of products.

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