Friday, December 26, 2008

review of Sony Ericsson C902 Cyber-shot

i have used a lot of mobile and now i was searching for one that could give me my dream of video talking as i used to see in movie. i had told to my father when we were watching a film in which video talking was used that i will also use that mobile. my father bought one such mobile from sony ercisson and gifted me.on that day i could realise how much my father do care for me.
my excitement
it was really amazed in using that mobile when i talked to my father on video call from my family was also quality was quite good and voices were clear. video stabiliser in the mobile was nice. now i can send my desired picture from my 5mega-pixel camera to my blog directly.except from calling to all my relatives i use my mobile for web browsing,web browsing in this mobile was really fast and more reliable. i do my internet using my laptop connecting mobile via bluetooth.this mobile has 160 MB internal memory and card slot.
my mobile phone has dimensions of 10.5 mm with a thickness and weight about 107.which i think is quite good i goes to my pocked of the best thing is i can listen my favourite FM program on my mobile by just connecting my earphone to it.i like black colour and i found my set black.its 5 mega-pixel camera is more efficient than the older set of 3.5 mega-pixel.
things i don't like
the worst thing that i don't like is keypad of the is not so soft. though short cut keys are very good i can go to many features by just clicking one key. so i can recommend you to buy this mobile it is going to ad a new technology.

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