Saturday, May 16, 2009

again UPA is going to make government

i am glad to inform you that UPA is again going to make government in cabinet. UPA could capture 262 seats in whole india. INC(congress) could capture 206 seats among 262 seats of UPA.All india trinamul congress could show it's power in west bengal by throwing CPM from it's root and capturing 19 seats. All the bad deeds of CPM has given a result to it's own. apart from west bengal Nithish kumar(chief minister of bihar) has shown the same scenario in bihar by winning 20 seats JD(U) and 12 seats for BJP. His determination to work has given him result. i hope in his leadership Bihar will go high and high. Nithish kumar and his party is solely responsible for development in bihar. People of bihar has tasted the development so in next 10 years i don't think that Nitish kumar is going to leave the chair of Chief minister of Bihar in recent bidhan sabha election. if we compare the previous election's result than we see that Congress could get 54 new seats in all india, and as whole UPA it could get more 80 seats in comparison to previous loksabha election. Rahul gandhi has been given most of the credits for success of UPA. NDA could get only 157 seats in whole india and in comparison to previous loksabha election it has lost 14 seats all over india. if we see BJP solely then we see that it could get only 117 seats in all over india loosing 22 seats in comparison to previous loksabha election.

one of the most interesting case you might have heard that previous indian cricket team captain Mohammad Azaharudin who won the seat for congress from muradabad of UP. on that seat congress couldn't win in last 27 years of history of loksabha election.
i will tell you more and more interesting things.

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