Tuesday, May 26, 2009

palgiarisam an offence

copying the content of a website and publishing it on your website or blog is call palgiarism.Palgiarism is an offence and without permission to the website owner you can't publish the content anywhere. there are lot of effects of palgiarism on the website owner. when google search engine search for a specific keyword then it find the same content at 2 or more places. thus the page rank of the legal owner of the website and as well traffic will decrease dreastically. this is one of the main reason that palgiarism has been made offence and legal charges may be applied on you.
so don't do it.

if you have tried to do this it will affect your website or blog rank as well. you just post what you think or what you know. you can get information from website but don't do copy paste. if you are held responsible for that then you would be penalised for that.

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