Saturday, June 6, 2009

one step to sustain on earth

Save this world
Darwin had given this theory that there is always struggle for existence.Even now in this world a lot of struggle is going on. Animals are struggling to survive and apart from that each and every human being is trying to survive. To survive on earth each and every one is killing this environment day per day. we are degrading the environment where do we live. On which we struggle to survive. If nature will not be there then we can't even struggle to survive.So to save this Natural world we are supposed to come forward to save it, on world environment day. For this kind work our government has come forward and indian government has put a ministry of it called Ministry of New and Renewable Energy. .Dr. Faruq Abdullah is currently minister of this department.
We people can get a lot of benefit from this department. Actually this department is distributing all sustainable resources of energy and it's equipment at a subsidy for it's citizen in india. you can go to it's website ministry of new and renewable energy resource
you will get a lot of information on how to get such products. where you can get in the locality of your state or even your district. what is needed is your initiative and nothing more than that. There are lot of products available there which is totally suitable for you at home. you can reduce your electricity bill to a great extent. And apart from that you are doing a kind work not for us but for you SON . Don't you love him? ya you must but love him another way as well so that he and his further generation could survive with pleasure on earth.

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