Friday, June 12, 2009

graphene manufaturing

How much do you think about graphene? how much do you know about graphene?
To know all these answers go toknow more about graphene .my another blog where i have posted detail of graphene.As i am also an engineer. i could see a great material that will rock the computer world on very large scale is graphene. graphene is going to make your processor of your computer that will make it too much faster.
i am going to tell you how it is getting manufactured these days?
you might be knowing this fact that Indium is manufactured by evaporation method. In this method raw indium is heated in a vacuum vessel and above the surface a nickel sheet is placed. The material get accumulated on the surface thus now we can get it from that surface. Though this technique was used to make graphene. In a vessel it graphite was heated at high temperature and could accumulate graphene on nickel. But they could not separate it from nickel.
Byung Hee Hong at Sungkyunkwan University in Seoul, South Korea, and colleagues could applied the technique to produce films of up to 12 sheets on extremely thin pieces of nickel.

They dissolved the nickel with chemicals after formation of thin layer of graphene on it.when nickel thin film was dissolved in chemical they were left with thin film of graphene. Graphene that was obtained could maintain their striking electronic properties even when bent and twisted.
Widespread availability of larger and high-quality graphene films will surely vastly speed up research into the material's properties. it will lead to a promised development in material science.

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