Thursday, December 17, 2009

politics and media

It is not UK or India where media is controlled by government. But in all country media is controlled by government so that they could use it as per their desire. They mold each and every situation of bad deeds to good deeds. Even media do favor them to get some benefit from the government. This whole world is running behind its own benefit. But there is a great responsibility on media. But they forget their important work and run behind bucks. Media is the mirror of our society and they should be as clean as possible. They should not favor anyone but should show the world as it is. But they change the word when they will come to explain in news. That is the most reason that now Maoists and other anti government groups are rising day per day to fight with government. They have made their system so defensive that no one can attack in to it. I could read one article related to Political power and media in an article submission website. It had revealed the fact of relationship with media in UK. This is not the case of UK only. It is important to say that we all people from all over the country will have to rise and show our power to the government to lead them in right way.

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