Friday, December 11, 2009

Nobel peace prize to Barack obama

i heard a lots of talk about the Nobel prize to Obama. i am not able to say a lot. but i will tell you single sentence about it. i read the morning newspaper and the head line was amazing.

Nobel for peace and "just war" on lips.

it says a lot of things about this prize and decision makers. there were many things in that paper. 1000 force were going to Afganistan and millions of USA people are jobless. i am not dictated by their(Gandhi and martin luther king) thoughts. History has proved that war is necessary for peace.

what do you think dear.. is it fair for Nobel Prize. The whole Afganistan is not a terrorists land dear.
please tell me something here in your comments. i laughed a lot todays.....
you know the reason dear you know the reason.

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