Saturday, August 22, 2009

Email marketing

You might have heard about spamming. It has become IMPORTANT one day for marketing.A commercial e-mail is basically an e-mail containing an advertisement, promotion, or content from a business’ Web site. - A transactional or relationship e-mail is basically anything other than a commercial e-mail. One thing that is IMPORTANT that you must give the full detail in the e-mail about the product or website promotion so that email reader can be attracted towards it.It has become these days one of the famous way to promote any things. Did you heard about paid email.Although understanding that some e-mail messages fall outside the definition of commercial e-mail is important, it’s equally important to understand that all e-mails sent in the name of your business can be construed by the recipient as commercial in nature Yes! friend now a days some company is paying for the email you read and response to it. i have lots of list that will give you some money per email to you. i think if you want to promote your blog or website or any product then it isIMPORTANT to promote it via paid email.If you want to more about the email marketing then it shall be important to know about it and how it shall be effective for you.

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