Saturday, August 15, 2009

cold phrases

hello readers i would like to give you some phrases containing cold word.
The season is cold so i liked to tell you these phrases.

1.A cold hand and a warm heart- I did take her hand. Cold hand, warm heart! cold comfort-The doctor said his one eye is damaged but the second one is perfectly right, I think that will be cold comfort to him.

3.your blood run cold-The scene of recent Mumbai attack shown on the television was enough to make anyone’s blood run cold.

4.blow hot and cold-It's impossible to have a relationship with someone who blows hot and cold all the time.

5.catch someone cold-You caught me cold with this news. I didn't know anything about it.

6.A cold fish-He does not show any emotion. He must be from a cold fish family.

7.a cold snap-The recent cold snap has left its scar on many family for it took a heavy toll of life and property.

8.Cold turkey-There are many organizations and volunteers to encourage patients through cold turkey.

9.come in from the cold-After a ban of five years from the Cricket, Jadeja has come in from the cold in a new role TV commentator.

10.Get cold feet- She is getting married next week to man she doesn’t know. She may be getting cold feet about it.

11.Give someone the cold shoulder-I don’t know what is wrong him? He gave me the cold shoulder at the party all the time.

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