Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Election in afganistan

It is second time that Presidential election is going to happen in Afganistan.At least after long time Afgani People could get their right. They are going to vote for their president. i would like to tell you who are candidates for President of Afganistan.
1.Hamid Karjai-He was the first president elected in 2004 for Afganistan.He has supported taliban in 90's but not after 94's.

2.Abdullah abdullah-He was foreign minister during Kajai government.

3.Asraf Gani- He was finance minster during Karjai government.

4.Firozan Fanna- She is the single Women fighting for President post. She has lot of great thinking for women. see what will be result of the election.

At last won't you like to see. How wallet paper is going on. ya friend see this picture.

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