Tuesday, February 9, 2010

what do you think about this balthakre

I made a big mistake by saying his name? He is nothing more than a BULL. who knows how to hit and have no mind. Sitting in a chair and ordering his non followers to do unsocial work is his work. All the words of his family seems that he should learn some words from children of Bihar. Apart from that this Government is nothing more than a bullshit who knows how to watch all these dramas. This governments knows that bad time has come and with time it will fade up. But this government never thought that what would be our future if such bullshit leaders will be there in our country. Then each and every state will ask for a separate country. At that time these old leaders will not survive and we will have to face all the problem. what are you views my readers please tell me here in your comment.
They want to remain in limelight by speaking some unsocial words. They will blame on the comments of famous people like Sahrukh Khan, Mukesh Amabani and Amitabh bacchan. You know why because it will give them more and more exposure. Media is also catching these sorts of bullshit news and showing it to people. i will request media not to show their comments on tv. it will affect our mindset for a United India a Great India.
That balthakre is saying not to speak hindi but that bullshit is not knowing this fact that whole mumbai speaks in hindi. And even he can't survive without hindi but i can survive without marathi language. i know no one is with him and even his soul is not with him. but to get more and more limelight he has to do such things. And our frightened hero fears of him.

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